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In April 1989, the natural community of interest, environmental and historic preservation Lauchroeden was founded. In this community of interests came together home to friends, to preserve the ruins of Brandenburg, from 1962 to 1988 was inaccessible due to its location in the border area of the former GDR, from further decay and to protect the environment, resulting in habitat. In December 1990, the community of interest with the Association as an umbrella association Werra valley and resumed the traditional name "club branch Brandenburg" which had given the club at its first foundation by the teacher through Frederick in 1924.

Since the Hessian neighboring communities regarded as the home icon in Brandenburg, a fruitful collaboration developed with the branch association Südringau .. Both clubs were honored for their already before the turn of 1989, together initiated activities for the conservation of Brandenburg from the Paul-Dierich Foundation 1990th.

Administration of the Foundation Thuringian castles and gardens

Since the acquisition of Brandenburg in the stock of the Thuringian palaces and gardens Foundation on 7 November 1994, the association shall perform the duties of the Castle Administration site. The proceedings initiated by the club security measures have since been continued by the Thuringian Foundation castles and gardens, accompanied by the club and supported.

In further work the club could expand the bower and gradually embellish a small castle museum. The care of the museum is complemented by guided tours offered by the club on weekends and by appointment. 2006 received the association for his years of activity the preservation of price Wartburg circle.

Medieval re-enactments

Since 1996, emerged as another focal point of the exercise of medieval Reenactments club work. To enhance the authenticity of the equipment for the reenactment and the museum display, contact the club took the "Society for Historical Costume - and Expertise" on which he became a member in 2000

The Brandenburg as a meeting

The aim of the association is to develop the Brandenburg to a meeting to be conveyed, especially in the former border area the cohesion of the population of old and new states. Therefore, since 1990, many meetings were held at the castle in cooperation with neighboring clubs from Hesse and Thuringia. The highlight is the Brandenburg Festival which is held every two years organized by the association and designed in collaboration with friends from the medieval scene

In preparation for the events that were 1999 aligned with the motto "10 years of open borders," developed between the branch association of Brandenburg and the Chamber Music Society of Wartburg city cooperation in the results were presented at the Bach year 2000, the first concerts lined up on the Brandenburg

After 2002 the city of Brandenburg / Hafele encounter initiated by delegations from places connected with the name Brandenburg created new friendships and personal friendships that are maintained at annual meetings of the association members.

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