Restoration and maintenance

The western castle ruins ensemble is conspicuous by its hexagonal keep and a tower. A curtain wall almost completely surrounds the two courts and an inner stronghold. However, from the west castle only the remains of the gate house, keep and some outer walls can still be seen.
To restrict further decrepitating of the castle ruins at the beginning of the 19th century the citizens of Eisenach agreed to stop using the castle to acquire “free” building materials.
The result of this initiative was a law passed in 1841 by the grand duke Carl Friedrich of Saxony Weimar-Eisenach which forbade removal of castle masonry. At the end of 19th and at the beginning of the 20th century the first safeguarding measures commenced, starting with both the keep’s, and bowers in the towers.
Between the two World Wars safeguarding measures at the gate house of the west castle and wall coping were carried out to protect against further decay. Extensive building measures commenced with the keep in the west castle and at the tower of the east castle in the nineties after German reunification. Since then additional maintenance measures are underway to regularly service the castle complex.






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